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Inspired by the 84000 video (84000.co), Kailin’s created this jewelry to support 84000’s noble mission to translate the words of the Buddha and make them freely available to everyone. 100% profits will be donated to 84000: Translating the Words of the Buddha.
Safeguard these precious and timeless teachings of the Buddha:
Karuṇā – Compassion
Karma – Cause, Condition, Effect
Dāna – Generosity
Jñāna – Wisdom
Karuṇā – 慈悲
Karma – 業力
Dāna – 佈施
Jñāna – 智慧

Compassion bracelet – 18K gold with 0.12 ct of white diamonds, 1×1.2cm, 4200HKD

Karma bracelet – 18K gold with 0.12 ct of black diamonds, 0.9×1.2m, 3450HKD

Generosity bracelet – 18K gold with 0.035ct of chocolate diamonds, 1.1×1.4cm, 3670HKD

Wisdom bracelet – 18K gold with 0.005ct of black diamond, 0.7×1.4cm, 2670HKD

3 colors: white gold, yellow gold or rose gold

Adult size 16cm + 1.5cm adjustable extension

*Jewelry customization is available upon request.